Mahalak Consulting Co. was started by Dan Mahalak, the former Managing Partner of Cindrich, Mahalak & Co., a CPA firm that provided auditing, accounting, consulting, and compliance services to credit unions for 47 years.  Additionally, they provided accounting services to small businesses and tax services to individuals and small business.  In 2018, Dan determined that the best future for his clients and staff was to become part of a larger firm and transitioned the audit and compliance clients to Doeren Mayhew.

While this was the end of Cindrich, Mahalak & Co., it is not the end of Dan’s involvement in providing professional services.  His expertise and experience allow him to assist you in a variety of areas, as detailed throughout this site.

Dan knows credit unions.  They have been his focus throughout his professional life.  He understands the business, the challenges it faces, and the successes and failures that have occurred.  He can deliver a wide variety of consulting services designed specifically for your organization.

He also has worked with many small businesses throughout his career, in addition to being responsible for running his own, which continues today.